At High Sierra Analytics we’re passionate about providing our clients and the Cannabis community with relevant information and new learnings we discover. Here are some resources we’ve complied to help manufacturers of Cannabis produce safe, clean and consistent products.

California Bureau
of Cannabis Control

The Bureau of Cannabis Control is the lead agency in developing regulations for medical and adult-use cannabis in California. The Bureau is responsible for licensing retailers, distributors, testing labs and microbusinesses.

National Cannabis
Industry Association

The mission of the National Cannabis Industry Association is to “promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for that industry in the United States.  NCIA publicly advocates for the unique needs of the industry and defends against threats to the legal market for cannabis and cannabis-related products.

California Cannabis
Industry Association (CCIA)

With the goal of fostering legitimate and responsible growth in the cannabis industry, CCIA was formed to unite stakeholders in the industry. The CCIA allows the California cannabis community to speak with one voice at state and local levels. The fundamental work of the CCIA is to educate and act as a resource to lawmakers regarding all areas of the cannabis industry. For example, CCIA worked together with coalition partners such as medical organizations, law enforcement, labor unions and environmental protection groups to guide MMRSA through the legislature.

Growers Association (CGA)

The California Growers Association has quickly become the state’s most prominent grower/cultivator oriented cannabis voice in the state. Over the last six years the organization has grown from a county to a regional group and now a statewide trade association.”  By working to shape public policy at state and local levels, the CGA protects and promotes growers and independent businesses within California’s cannabis industry.  “Building on decades of leadership in the cannabis industry, CGA members are working to ensure California becomes a global leader at the crossroads of compliance and independence.